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Mountain reflecting on the lake.

The Water Tradition of Taoist Meditation

Qi Gong is about shifting your body, it develops a focus and presence regarding your physical body and your chi. Qi Gong is laying the foundation to then move into meditation where your focus and presence is more on your emotions and thoughts. If you have physical discomfort Qi Gong can alleviate the underlying causes of that discomfort, it also develops your chi. Not being physically distracted and energised through your chi means that in seated meditation you can sit for long periods comfortably and awake, so now your focus and presence has shifted into the realm of meditation.  

The foundation of learning meditation is to develop your presence to your body and how your emotions and thoughts are linked to your body. You're just observing without actively changing these emotions and thoughts. Once observed it is then through the active process of relaxing and then releasing any bound and habitual emotions or thoughts that meditation enters into the next stage, this process is known as inner dissolving.  The intent with inner dissolving is not forced but soft and relaxed, this lays a solid foundation which a more forced, pushing intent doesn't.  Any classes taught by Peter in meditation are solely looking at developing the presence practises and not the inner dissolving process. 

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