Classes 2020

Victorian Hall, Old School, Cuckfield

Classes in the Old School have been cancelled.

Sunday 26th July Outdoor class at Cuckfield Recreation Ground.

Saturday 22nd August Outdoor class at Cuckfield Recreation Ground.

Please contact for further details.

Private tuition 

£40/hr plus travel expenses. 

There is car parking on the grounds of the Old School, this is accessed via the road called Church Platt.


​​Qi Gong  10.30-1645              Ba Gua  14.15-16.45


Cost £30 for attending either the morning or afternoon class only  

£50 for attending both the afternoon and morning class.   

''Well structured so the experience of each class was built on in the next. Peter is excellent at addressing feedback with each individual about the meditation (presence practise). Spending 2 hours meditating and learning was a pleasure as Peter teaches with inquisitiveness, calm and some gentle humour''

Esther Fuller Shiatsu Practioner

''Peter is extremely patient, adapts the class to individuals needs, perceptive and intuitive'' Sue Baker  Retired